Laser welding systems


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Laser welding systems ALPHA LASER

  • Highest performance
  • Latest technical features

We provide suitable devices!


AL 75 , AL 120, AL 150, AL 200, AL 300, AL500 


The laser-series AL offers the appropriate laser power for each and every application.

The laser is an optimum fit for the workbench AL-T, can however also be simply integrated into existing machine constructions.
Diverse processing optics aid you in guiding the laser beam to the position you want to have it in.
That makes for quick setting and adjustment of the laser to the workpiece in question.
 Thanks to many options, you can configure the optimum machine for your area of work.



With our flexible laser for deposit and contour welding – ALFlak – we offer youeven more possibilities for mobile laser repair welding.

Scope of motion and reach have been considerably extended, so that even welding spots in deep, complex moulds can be reached without problems,
using the long laserarm. Welding seams of up to 500 mm length can be performed without a break. The ALFlak is available with a selfdriving caterpillar
track or as a manually transportable model. A unique comfort is provided by our patented, semi-automatic user-coordinate-control via WINLaserNC Software




Whether on the customer site or in your own workshop, the ALM offers you new, universal possibilities of use and greatest flexibility.
Particularly large moulds, tools, 
casings and machine components of any size can be processed in an uncomplicated manner.
It is possible to position 
the laser arm quickly and flexibly with millimetre accuracy. During the welding process, the arm can be steered per joystick, 
semi-automatically or by remote control. The turn-and-tilt processing head makes working possible at any point of the workpiece, even at deep lying spots.
With the optional turn-and-tilt-optics the beam deflection can be set, infinitely variable, up to 40° from the vertical.