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Laser welding training (German Guidelines)

Modul I – Safety Operator

Laser safety instructions according to 
BGV B2 (German Guidelines) to Laser safety officer.

  • Accident prevention regulation
  • Operation of laser safety devices according to BGV B2
  • Guideline for special knowledge in the use of Nd:Yag lasers, hand guided use for special tool, mold and sheet metal
  • Safety for laser welding devices according to German Guidelines DIN EN 6825-1
  • 10 laws for laser beam protection
  • Information of the employers liability insurance cooperation

Duration: 1 day / Participants: 10 persons maximum

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Modul II – Basic Operator

Laser welding for tools, molds and sheet metal forming. 
Access into the laser welding technique according to the DVS German Guidelines No. 1187-1.

  • Basics for Laser safety according to BGV B2
  • Pretreatment of the molds
  • Buildup seam (wetting between base material and welding additive)
  • Buildup of the weld path e. g. tile shaped for a nonporous buildup
  • Which is the correct welding additive for which material and appliance
  • Basics for the parameter adjustment for laser welding according to the 
    diameter of the wire, welding position and basic material.
  • Methodical and practical exercises for obtaining the necessary skills

Duration: 1 day Participants: 10 persons maximum

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Modul III – Technical Operator

Laser welding of tool steels and appliance of laser
welding additives for 1.2379, 1.2343, 1.2344, 1.2767, 

Access into laser treatment for aluminum, ampcoloy and titan with corresponding welding additives by taking individual features into consideration. 

  • alloy - composition
  • laser welding additives – composition
  • practical appliance

Duration: 1 day Participants: 10 persons maximum

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