Laser welding


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The process for laser welding has the advantage that the pulsed weld pools arises in the millisecond range (1 sec = 1000 msec) and strung together with a frequency 1 – 1000 HZ. The resulting weld seam has more or less no energy input per unit length which can create a critical martensitic zone. The welder has to execute the welding process at a magnification of 16 times and has control over quality and design of the weld seam. 



• In-house Laser welding service up to 60 t

• Service in our franchise centers on 4 continents

• Emergency Service directly at the customer

• Build-up welding and repairs of all kinds 




Tool steel

E.g.: 1.2738, 1.2379, 1.2343/1.2344, vanadium, inconel, stellite, colmonoy 62,

hastelloy, invar, nitinol, super alloys CoCrMo 


Gray iron

E.g.: GG 20, GG 25, GGG 40, GGG 50, GGG 60, GGG 70 L


Special materials

Stainless steel, aluminum, titan, tantalum, magnesium, molybdenum, wolfram, niobium,

nickel silver, tin-/ zinc die casting, bronze, silver, gold